Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lovely New Deck! - Tour

I'm going to start this tour of the new deck at the back of the house.
Beautiful railings and deck.
Love how the grey color of the deck boards sets off the black railings.
And love Kristine's little deck!
Then at the far corner...

there is this wonderful new stair and railing!

Standing with my back to those stairs I see down this side of the house
toward the front of the house.

The front deck has two double gates.
Morgan is not used to having the freedom of the deck.
Morgan and the chickens
have been locked up until all the work on the property is completed.

Very nice latches on the double gates!

The latches are very easy to flip up and down to operate.

Here is the other end of the front deck.

And here is the other side of the front of the house that has a single gate.

Past the single gate I continued walking around to the rest of the front deck...

and at the corner I found this single gate!
I'll be using this gate a lot as it leads to the chicken coop.

Then I turned the corner and...

 looked down this side of the house...

and walked down to this gate and stairs.

I have posted this photo before
but here is the picture of what the latches on the single gates look like.
They are easy to operate and look very nice too.

I'm very pleased with the new deck!
And very, very happy it was completed before Winter.



DevonMaid said...

It does look wonderful! Is it under cover all the way round? A good place to walk, and walk ...

Rachy said...

It looks absolutely lovely :)

Knatolee said...

That just looks fantastic! You will love using it when the warm weather returns in spring. I love the gate and rails!

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful! How nice to have it finished, and I bet Morgan is thrilled with that outdoor space.