Sunday, November 18, 2012

First Really Good Rain

I'm late typing this post so this will be short.
This is the first really good rain we have had for a while.

On our morning walk the rain was really coming down
so I used the large umbrella so I didn't get soaked.

Morgan got soaked.
So I had her lay down in front of the fire to warm up and dry off.

The deck looks shiny when it's wet
but it is not slippery.
I'm glad of that fact because I really don't want to slip and fall.

Most of the leaves have or are turning brown
and soon I will be out raking up piles of leaves.
No raking until it  stops raining though.

Well, time to post this and get to bed.



Mary said...

Love your blog and love chickens! :) What a fun blog you have, and i'll visit often.

Barbee' said...

I, too, had wondered if it would be slippery when wet. Glad to know it isn't. It's a great deck!