Friday, November 09, 2012

Day 66 - New Deck - Snow!

Yes, there really was a little bit of snow.
Just enough to be pretty.

We went for a walk and saw patches of snow.

Most of the snow got hung up in the trees and never made it to the ground.

The little garden only got a sprinkling of snow.

The clear part of the roof is protected by trees.
Which is good and bad.
All the shade from the trees lets the moss grow on the roof
but does keep us cool in the hot summer days.
The shade not the moss.

The deck stuff that can take the weather is decorated
but all the tools have been put away safe.

The snow stayed on the deck but melted on the ground.

 The wind must not have been blowing... no snow under the ladder. 

No snow in the chicken pen and only one brave hen.
The white spot is Morgan.

Tom just came and told me it is snowing again.


1 comment:

lisa said...

Not looking forward to snow at this point,but they are saying that this is going to be a year of more snow and bad weather than last year. I like your deck.