Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Day 63 - New Deck - Wandering Around In The Dark

I voted this morning.

Then I came home and did some more painting upstairs.
Got sleepy and took a nap.
Must be the paint fumes that got me.

By the time I got dinner ready, fed and walked Morgan it was dark.
So, here I am again wandering around in the dark.

The railings do look good even when they are hard to see.
I think they may start on the gates tomorrow.

These short stairs at the end of the house are finished.
The stairs at the other end of the house still need their railings built.

I'm trying to take a photo of the chicken's pumpkin in their pen.
Nice leaves... can't see much.

This is better.
I cut the top off for the hens and it looks like they ate all the seeds.
The chickens heard me and were cooing at me from their roosts.

I made it back to the house...

and up on the porch to check on the latest dry rot repair.
Looks good!

I took this photo of Morgan as I walked by the slider.
I'm sure she is wondering what in the world I'm doing out here.
Me too!


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