Thursday, November 22, 2012

Post From My Ipad

Morgan is a smart girl and she is sleeping.

I'm sitting in bed trying to figure out how to post a photo

I just took on my iPad on my blog

from my iPad.


If I can get this photo

and a little bit of text posted

I'll think of it as a success.






Well, I'm back on the computer

to check out how this iPad post looks

and I can't say much for the size of the photo


there is a photo and some text.

So, I guess it counts as a success?


I'll have to search around some more and see

if I can't find out if I can size the photos.


Well, I'm happy I got this far with the iPad blog posting.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Have A Wonderful Day!
I'm back using blogsy
and I changed the size of the photo to fit.

1 comment:

Mary said...

Success! Yay. :) You have a beautiful pup who, yes, is smart to be sleeping. I took a long nap today after i finished the big Thanksgiving meal. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I wonder? Do you shop on Black Friday? I stay home.. definitely. :D