Sunday, December 02, 2012

Another Day At The Vets

Well, not all day but it felt like it with all the time
driving to and from the vets plus the time spent there.
Morgan had a check up and an x-ray
with another x-ray scheduled for next Saturday.

This was Morgan this morning.
Not chipper at all.
So, I called the vet to find out if I should continue the medication.
She had been recovering from having the anesthetic
until I gave her the medicine.

So the bad news is the rocks are still in her tummy.
The good news is we stopped the medication
and she had a poo!
1st one in 4 days.
Cause for celebration!

And some other good news is that I remembered to ask for another
collar to keep her from licking her foot.
We also stopped at the pet store
(big sale day)
and I got Morgan a new bed with bolster sides.

I set it on top of her old bed
with another little bed on top
and she is very happy.
In fact, she hasn't left it except to eat and go for walks.
I think she had a tiring day too.

I don't think she is enjoying taking walks in all the rain either.
I did get her a new raincoat.
Picture tomorrow...



Rachy said...

Poor Morgan :(
I hope she is better, and rockless soon xxx

Anonymous said...

Poor puppy. I do hope she's feeling better soon.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

We're sending healthy and healing thoughts and energy from our corner of Virginia!! Let us know how she's doing!!