Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 68 - New Deck - Shadows

I love to walk in the woods
when the early morning sunlight casts sharp shadows
through the trees.

Some mornings it's misty...

but this morning there is blue sky...

and only a bit of mist high in the trees.

I walk this path along the fence line every morning with Morgan.
Sometimes I think I should take a walk beside the road
but when I have tried
there are too many dogs that challenge us along the way.
Safer inside my fence.

I like the shadows these leaves and twigs make.
Morgan is listening to the sound of dogs barking far away.

No shadows in the chicken pen.
This little Wyandotte is out in the pen all by herself.
She probably came out for a drink.
When it gets really cold I'll put drinking water for the hens
inside the coop with the feed.

No deck work today.
Hope the workers come back tomorrow.


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