Thursday, November 08, 2012

Day 65 - New Deck Almost Finished

But then the rain showed up and the work had to stop.
There is snow falling farther up the mountain.
It was supposed to snow around here but I don't think it will
because there has not been hardly any rain.
Maybe it will snow?

So, no photos today.
Instead here are extra photos I took yesterday.

Path along the back fence line.

There is one of the old signs.

Tops of the trees.
It really is not a good thing to have an early snow
when the trees are still full of leaves.
The snow can hang up in the trees and all the extra weight
can cause them to fall.

Front gate.

Morgan's nose sniffing the good Fall smells.

I always take a lot of pictures and only use a few.
But tomorrow if it is still raining I'll have to take some photos of wet leaves.
Or maybe there will be snow?


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