Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 67 - New Deck - Fall Leaves

Morgan and I stopped off this morning and checked on the chickens.
I gave them carrot peelings and cabbage for treats.

Then I filled up their corn feeder
and saw that the hens were eating the pumpkin.
Cutting off the top
and letting them eat out the inside seems to work the best.
When I gave the hens pieces of pumpkin
they were always flipping them over with the rind facing up
and then not eating them.

Since it has been snowing off and on it's been cold enough
to cause the leaves to turn Fall colors.

These leaves are on a branch growing through the fence.

Just a pile of branches and pretty leaves.

Morgan sitting on a dry patch of dirt.
After the snow and rain it is always surprising to come
across patches of dry dusty ground.

We need a windy storm to give the ground a good soaking.
Amazing how the tree canopy can keep the ground dry
when there is very little wind to blow the rain and snow around
and out of the trees.

I see some leaves hung up on the fence.


Tom got us hamburgers and fries for dinner!
He also got the fixins for stew.
Guess what I'll be cooking tomorrow...


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Barbee' said...

I so much enjoy your daily life reports, and always peer deep into your photos.