Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 57 - New Deck - Ready For Rain

 On my walk with Morgan this morning I came across this pile of logs.

And then this stack of pine. 

Then I heard a chainsaw start up and saw Tom and his friend.
They are going to cut dead trees and clear the downed trees away later.
There are a lot of dead trees, sick trees, trees in the wrong place and
trees that are growing too close to each other.
They have a lot of tree work to keep them busy.

It's supposed to rain tonight!
Tom blew all the leaves off the deck.
Soggy leaves are bad because they make for slippery walking.
Falling is bad. I really don't want to do that.

No leaves on the deck back here either.
The leaves are falling so fast he will need to blow the leaves
off the deck twice a day.
We need a good wind storm to blow all the leaves off the trees at once.

I remembered to bring the owl in and store him away for Spring.
He did a good job of scaring away birds and squirrels away from the garden.
There is room for a battery that would allow his eyes to glow
but I never put a battery in him.
The owl worked just fine without flashing eyes.

I'm posting a bit quickly and early because the power has been going off
and I want to post while I can.

Happy Halloween!


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LindaG said...

Your deck looks fantastic, Callie. :o)
Stay safe and have a great weekend!