Monday, November 30, 2009

Missed Me!

I'm glad I wasn't raking paths when this limb fell out of the tree. No way was I going to go out in all that wind with the trees whipping around. I found the limb laying next to the path and drug it over so it would show up better in the photo. Today I dragged the rake around on the narrow paths, cleared them and made them safe for walking.

I raked all the way around the fence line this afternoon. I still have to move leaves away from the house and clear the paths that run across the property. That will be fun for another day or week. I did spend time and cleared off the wide paths. I would like to extend the wide paths all around the property, but that would mean cutting down some very large trees. So, for now I have narrow paths on that side that fit between the trees.

I let the chickens out of their pen when it was getting late and Morgan and I sat and watched them for about an hour until it got dark and the girls went back in the coop to go to bed.
The hens don't like the flash, but I needed to use it because it was pitch dark in the coop. I couldn't see a thing. I just aimed the camera and pushed the button. They are so cute!

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[2 eggs today]


Lucy said...

I love northern California. I could easily live there among all those fantastic trees.

DayPhoto said...

I enjoy learning what live is like in the woods. Here I never have to rake a path, but I also don't have leaves.


lisa said...

Good thing you stayed off the path! I love it when the chickens puff up! Take care!

Callie said...

DayPhoto: ... no leaves? I'll be glad to give some of mine. LOL Raking leaves is good exercise for me. I'm sure you get all the exercise you need on your farm. I enjoy learning about life on your farm!

Callie said...

Lucy: I love living in the forest in the mountains. I have lived in big cities and the forest is my cup of tea.

Callie said...

lisa: Yes! Those big limbs and even the small ones make me nervous. When I hear the trees start to creak I run.