Sunday, November 29, 2009


This is one of the oak trees that hangs on to its leaves as long as possible. Most of the oaks have very few leaves left after the wind gusts yesterday. One of my friends had a pine tree go down yesterday that luckily just missed a car. I see this tree everyday when I look out the front slider.
Doesn't change very much.
I don't have to work tomorrow because we made enough wreaths to fill the orders and we don't want to make wreaths too far ahead of time because they may dry out and look bad. So, if people don't buy many wreaths this year I may already be out of my seasonal job. I think I will have fun tomorrow raking leaves off my paths. I really enjoy being outside doing yard work.

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[2 eggs today]
Kristine counted the chickens again today and we still have 17.


Becky's Barnyard said...

Good luck with your leaves. I started raking leaves Saturday but didn't get very far along before I had to do something else.

John Gray said...

love the wreaths

Callie said...

Becky's Barnyard: A freeze is coming and the paths already have lots of leaves on them. I guess I will wait until after the freeze until I rake some more. Your grass looks so nice.

Callie said...

John Gray: Thank You!