Thursday, November 19, 2009

What Fox?

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It came with my com pew tear
It plane lea marks four my revue
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~ From the internet

I'm grateful for my computer!

The chickens seem to have forgotten all about the fox attack and have gone back to the attack area to scratch around and dust. I was surprised. I went outside today with Morgan and the chickens and raked my paths clear of leaves and branches and stuff. Some of the chickens followed me around because they have figured out that I am moving a lot more of the leaves around than they are and it is easy for them to search and find good things to eat. Morgan sounded off once in the afternoon and took off for the back fence line. Maybe the fox was near? I need to count the chickens and see how many are still here.

Before I came in from working I checked the Christmas boxes and found the bag with last years wreath base and decorations. Tomorrow I hope to stop and get some wire so I can work at making some wreaths. I have been thinking of several ways to make them by hand using things I already have (except I need wire.) I will need to find my good pliers and garden clippers. I'll take photos and I hope my ideas work out and I can make a post soon on how to make wreaths at home. Well, one way, the way I make them. I'm sure there are lots of instructions for wreath making on the internet.

[Two eggs today]


lisa said...

I will be waiting to see those wreaths! I can wait for the holiday season. So, much to do and not alot of time!

DayPhoto said...

One time, on an afternoon, while I was raking around the chicken house a fox grabbed one of the girls right in front of me and took off down the road. I tried to catch them, to save her. Alas I was just too old and slow.


Callie said...

lisa: I'll get something together to post in a few days.

Callie said...

DayPhoto: Wow! I had a stare down with a coyote, but he didn't get a chicken that time. You are brave to chase after the fox.