Thursday, November 05, 2009

Treasure For Some

For a short time we lived quietly.
But this could not last.
White men had found gold in the mountains...
~ Chief Joseph

I am grateful for the mountains.

Took this photo from my favorite lookout spot on the way home from the dentist. The rain seems to be passing us by headed east somewhere. I love these mountains and yes there is gold out there. I often think about the Indian tribes who lived here and who lost their homes. It looks so peaceful now and there was so much sorrow. I don't think people would have bothered the Indians so soon if not for the gold. But they would have come for the timber eventually. Well, then there were new diseases, the bigoted, and the religious who came to save them and ended up wiping them out. The Indians didn't have much of a chance.

I tried to train a climbing rose to cover the ladder, but I don't think there is enough sun and the rose is barely growing leaves. So, I'm going to cut the rose bush back, clean off the ladder and train the ivy to cover the ladder. At least I know the ivy can grow there under the huge pine tree. I'm glad the ivy is covering the top of the fence. I want a green wall. The oak leaves are finally getting some color.
Chickens in the woods.
Two Light Brahmas, two Australorps, an Orpington
and I think that is a Wyandotte back there
or it could be another Australorp.

PS ~ I have no idea how many people read this bog or if they ever look on the sidebar and check out the blogs I read. But, there is a blogger (Chickens In The Road) who could use some votes to get a job she really wants and needs. Here's why. It would only take a click to help make her dream come true. Click Vote here to go to the page to vote.

[3 eggs today]
Low on chicken feed. No corn.


DayPhoto said...

Hey! Callie! I think she got the job! Zip over there and see! Isn't that cool!


Callie said...

DayPhoto: She didn't win yet. Keep voting. Thanks!

KentuckyFarmGirl said...

Hi Callie! I think I fixed my script issue over on my blog. For some reason one of my labels was causing it to lock up. It's been driving me crazy today because it was doing it to me too and I couldn't figure out why.

I've been voting for Suzanne everyday. I hope she wins, she deserves it.

Did you see my new chickens that I posted yesterday? I went back and got 2 more hens today.

That first pic is a beautiful view!

Callie said...

KentuckyFarmGirl: So glad you found the script error! I hope Suzanne wins too. Love your chickens.