Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekend Deck Hiatus

No deck work on the weekend.
So no deck photos.

I forgot it was Saturday and got up early to beat the workers.
Morgan was happy.
She got an early breakfast and walk.
I was sleepy.

When I was in Idaho there were a few very hot days.

The myrtle by the front fence
 and the herbs in the beds didn't get watered and are very wilted.
I was hoping it would rain
but I think I am going to have to water them tomorrow 
before they dry out altogether.

I spent a very quiet day
watching New Tricks and playing computer games
and looking for new computer games.
Didn't find any.

I only have a few games that I really like
and would like to find a few more.
I enjoyed playing 
The Scruffs: Return Of The Duke.

So far I haven't found any games that were that much fun,
had such great, clear, graphics,  and good sound.

Tom got two more pumpkins for the chickens
so tomorrow morning I am going to cut one of them up
and give it to the chickens for a treat.

So, there will be chicken pumpkin photos tomorrow
instead of deck updates.



Barbee' said...

Enjoying your posts. Love seeing your raised beds.. interesting shapes and layout. That soup/stew you had a few days ago looks so good; we are have wind today and cool. Glad our computer is in the warm basement.

LindaG said...

I know what you mean about computer games.
The only one I play with any regularity is Heroes of Might and Magic.

Have a great week!