Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 56 - New Deck - Lots Of Railings

Follow me as I walk around the house and check out the railings.

We came out the front door, across the deck and down the new stairs.
It's going to look so good when the gates are built.

I looked to the left and checked out this side of the house. 

Then I turned to the right and took a photo of the front deck.

Continued on to the right and this end of the house.

Stopped of to say hi to the chickens.
My neighbor told me there is a bobcat prowling around.
She has seen it twice.
I'm glad the chickens are locked up.

Continued on down the end of the house past stairs being built.

And around to the back of the house, deck and railings.
Wow! Kristine's little porch looks so good!

These stairs are at the far end of the deck above.
And now I don't have to walk around to the front of the house to get onto the deck!
The deck workers won't be back until next Wednesday
but the deck and stairs are useable until then.
Love the stairs! 

Back inside trying to take a photo of the smiling pumpkins.

Then it was time for Morgan to go off to the groomer
So I washed the floor again and washed all her doggy bedding.
I need to wash some windows tomorrow.
Rain Wednesday?
Well, I can wash the windows inside.

Happy Halloween!


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Barbee' said...

I've always wanted a deck, so I've enjoyed watching yours come into being. Especially love Kristine's little porch balcony!