Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 49 - New Deck - Farm

Bessy the cow on the refrigerator.

Wilber the pig.

Barnyard chickens, pig and cows,

More pigs and chickens.

I Love My Farm!

There is a goat on the wall that hold utensils.
And other little critters around here and there.
Can't have a real farm so this is the next best thing.

The chickens are fine.
They stayed inside again today.
They have lots of water and food.

I went out and raked a bit today when the rain let up for awhile.
Hope I can rake a patch clear tomorrow.
I'm posting really late so I'm going to say goodnight now.


lisa said...

That is the kind of farm to have, not a lot of hard work involved or money ;)

Anonymous said...

Love your cow and pig~very adorable. Good to hear you have a goat. I don't think a farm is complete until there's a couple of goats.

Barbee' said...

What a cute "farm"! I have a duck in my kitchen. She wears a hat.