Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 46 - New Deck - Firewood

The sound of chainsaws
and trees hitting the ground woke me up this morning.

First I found this stump when I took Morgan out...

and then I came across this scene.

And then we passed Tom cutting logs...

and throwing them over here!
Tomorrow I will go out and help stack this firewood in the shed.
Rain Monday!
Last chance for dry wood.

I also noticed that when the workers were pouring cement
yesterday they enlarged this step.
Very nice!

No more work on the deck until dry weather shows up
next week or the next? 

We stopped by the poor molting hens to say hi
and this Wyandotte was very curious about the camera.
Or maybe she just wanted treats?


1 comment:

lisa said...

The hubby is out doing wood too! Will be looking forward to the finished deck.