Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 48 - New Deck - Puddles!

Gee... it looks like there was enough rain to make small puddles.
At least the rain cleaned off my boots a bit.

Misty, rainy forest.
I love the piny smell of the woods when it rains.

We had lightening and thunder
and even power outages.

Tom went shopping and got us Chinese takeout for dinner.
Sooo good!

The tree moss is very happy!
It has been very dried up over the summer.
The moss has soaked up the rain and now it looks fluffy.

This photo is blurry
because I was holding the camera, holding Morgan
and propping the door open with my foot.

The chickens didn't venture outside in their pen all day.
They didn't even come out for water so I put a bowl of water in the coop.
It didn't rain that much but it was dark
so maybe they slept all day?


1 comment:

Barbee' said...

Such a pretty post. I agree with the chickens, when it's rainy I want to sleep.