Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 52 - New Deck - Chicken Pumpkin

Here's how I came up with the stencil.

I traced around my saucer for the circle
and around the bottom of the cup for the eyes.

I drew the other parts, cut them out and then traced them.

Taped the drawing on the pumpkin.
Poked little holes along the lines.
Then cut along the lines.

This morning Morgan and I stopped by a tree that had fallen...

and gotten hung up over the path.
I don't think it will fall because it is really stuck in the surround trees.

The chickens tell me they want out.
I tell them the deck is still not finished.
Poor hens!

No more deck work until Monday.
Only one worker for a few days this week.

I'm going to Joey's birthday party tomorrow.
Don't know what photos I may take tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

I love the way your chicken pumpkin turned out!

Tanya said...

Only Callie would think of a chicken pumpkin!