Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Deck - Day 36

A little more than a month has passed since the deck project began.

Today the deck almost reached the front door!
There are long black plastic tubes under the support boards
that need to be connected to the gutter down spouts
before the deck can be finished.

What's missing?
Dead trees... that's what!

I always walked next to the fence.
I was afraid to walk under the leaning trees.
Some dead trees were halfway down and caught in other trees.
And there were lots of other dead tree limbs.

Tom and his friend splitting logs.
Firewood is always welcome!
I am so happy to see the last of the dead trees.
I was especially glad to find that
the dead limb hanging over the chicken coop is gone!

The old chicken feed bags are full of branches for kindling.
There is still room for a lot more wood to be stacked.

This is a photo of the metal railings.
I think there are metal gates in the stacks.
But some of the gates may have to be built on site.

Morgan would love to run down the stairs.
The stairs are finished except for the railings.
They are a little tricky to use.

The planter bed is empty! 
I want to get the plants potted before we get a freeze.
The herbs are in pots.
 Tomorrow I have to take the plants
out of the planter bed on the left
and pot some of them.

The herbs will spend the Winter inside.
Hope they will like the change
and grow well in the pots.
Springtime I will put them back in the beds. 

There is a lot going on besides just deck building.
All the dry rot needed replacing.
Stair building.
Fascia boards replaced.
Gutter drainage work.

My dinner.
Left over pork chops cut up with
onions, garlic, carrots, bacon and half a package of lentils.
I ate three bowls full.

I think the chickens are molting. 
They look like they are missing feathers.
Poor clucks!


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LindaG said...

Everything is looking great! Especially all the firewood.
Have a wonderful Friday!