Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 47 - New Deck - Getting Ready For Rain!

Firewood is stacked in the shed.

The white chicken feed sacks are full of twigs for kindling.
I think we may need some more wood delivered
just to make sure we have enough to last the Winter.
The new pile of wood will have to live under a tarp.

One of my favorite jobs is raking off the garage roof.
Not many leaves on the garage roof
and not many leaves ready to fall when the rain arrives.

I'll have fun moving the cement tiles around to make a path.
Here is a better photo of what will be the small gate
and step to the front door.

The sign says: Death From The Ankles Down
Roosters are dangerous... well, some of them are.
We just have hens, but I loved the sign.
I brought in the feeder and hung it in the coop.

I bought the windows for a dollar each at a garage sale.
And I shut the doors and windows!
The glass is dirty because the chickens
don't try to fly through the windows and break the glass.
I have learned that dirty windows and chickens get along just fine.

Last year I covered the chicken yard
but I don't think the chickens did any better than the years
when the yard was open to the elements.
So, this year the chicken yard is going to get rained and snowed on again.
I'll bring them warm water to drink when it storms or snows.
I think they like the rain... as long as it isn't too heavy.
They certainly go out and stand in the rain.
Silly birds!


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