Tuesday, October 09, 2012

October Deck Update!

Three weeks or so after the last deck photos we have...
Deck on the front of the house!
Dry rot was replaced with new wood and fascia boards
will be replaced before gutters are installed.

This side deck leads to the new stairs.
Photo of stairs tomorrow.

This side and end of the house still has work to be done.

I wonder if there will be stairs here?
And when the deck boards and gutters are installed
the railings will be added between the posts.

Photo taken while I held up the cardboard with the other hand.
There are several large stacks of railings.
I will try for a better photo.

"Hi Mom... you're back... any snacks?
The chickens don't think much of the deck building
and would really like to be out on the property.

This is going to be a quick post so I can get to bed
before midnight.
The deck workers show up early!

More deck photos tomorrow!
Garden stuff too.

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