Friday, October 12, 2012

New Deck - Day 38

It is 60° in the hallway!
I went outside to warm up this morning and took a few photos.

Don't know what's happening with this fascia board.

However, all the fascia boards and any wood with dry rot
will be replaced with good wood.

All of that extra work slows down work on the deck.
I looked out this morning and thought it had rained.
  No rain... the workers hosed muddy footprints off the deck.

No rain means no fire in the wood stove.

Here are two photos of areas where wood was replaced.
When it is connected the black duct tube will carry rain water away.
If and when we ever get any.

While I was in Idaho
Tom pulled out all the old dryer duct work under the house
and replaced it with new metal ducts.

Good thing he got rid of that old duct because it was full of dryer lint.
Looks like a fire waiting to happen!

I should go back outside and take a photo of the chickens.
But I'm too cold!
Good thing is it is going to be warming up this week.
Bad thing is that no rain forecast.

0 eggs... I think the hens are cold too... and molting.
Poor birds!
Tom is picking up lay pellets and corn scratch for them today.
And maybe a pumpkin?
They got carrot peeling for a treat today.


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Ann Stanley said...

I like your blog. The joy of chickens and the similarity of lives thousands of miles apart.