Monday, October 15, 2012

New Deck - Day 41 - And Sick Chicken

41 days counting weekends is not really fair to the workers
but I'm counting all the days since work on the deck started.

I was hoping to be able to use the front door today
but they are working horizontally.
Getting close.

Kristine's little deck has some posts to hold railings!
Need a few more.

The work on the far end of the house is coming along.
They are building stairs at the far end
and will pour concrete and steps at this end.
Lots of dry rot repair.
This end of the house hardly ever sees the sun.

I took this photo of the front of the house early this morning.
Hope they finish this part of the deck tomorrow.

Sick chicken.
I think she has Marek's... she is wobbly and falls over.
She didn't get sick from eating pumpkin.
She was already wobbly the morning I went out and left the pumpkin.

She acts like the other chickens we have had that had Marek's.
They either get better or they don't.
But I have learned to keep the sick chicken
away from the others and not let them peck on her.

All the hens were vaccinated against Marek's
but it is on the property and some of them get it anyway.
Hope she gets better... I hate putting chickens down.

Messy pumpkin...
the chickens did eat a bit around the top
but they kicked up a lot of straw and pretty much covered it up.
I had to clean off a lot of straw to get this photo.
The next pumpkin I give the chickens
will just have the top cut off.

Or maybe I'll carve them a Chicken-O-Lantern.
That sounds like fun!


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lisa said...

The deck sure is coming along, can't wait to see it finished! Poor chick, hopefully she pulls out of it.