Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Pumpkin For The Chickens

Slept in late!
The chickens got their pumpkin for lunch
but didn't seem to like anything but the pumpkin seeds.
So, I filled the pumpkin shells with scratch.
They love the corn.

I have a feeling that the pumpkin was not ripe enough for the chickens.
I'll check out the pumpkin halves tomorrow
and see if they are covered up with straw or if the chickens are eating them.

I was going to spend some time outside raking
but I went back to bed and slept most of the day.
I'm still tired from the trip and getting up early
and going to sleep late.
I love to read in bed and I finished a book last night.
I need to pick out a boring book tonight.

I didn't water the plants.
The myrtle and herbs are still doing ok
but I really will have to water them tomorrow.

More deck photos tomorrow!
I hope they get the deck built up to the front door.
I don't mind daytime trips around the back and side of the house
to take Morgan outside
but I hate walking around in the dark even with a flashlight.
I'm really good at tripping and falling.

Last night around midnight
 Morgan and I stopped several times on the paths
to listen to something crashing around in the woods.
Didn't see anything with the flashlight.
Morgan didn't seem upset
so I figured the critter was not a threat
...just noisy.


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