Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Deck - Day 44 - Autumn Leaves

The deck is not up to the front door yet.
Noon and the deck workers have left for lunch.
So, I decided to take Morgan for a walk.
And take some photos of some trees with colorful leaves.

You can just see our fence behind the madrone.
Didn't find any colorful leaves.
Just some trees like this madrone with leaves turning brown.

It will only be a few more weeks and the oak and madrone trees
will have dropped their leaves for the winter.

Mostly evergreen trees here.
I turned around and took this photo of the road
leading up to our house.

There will be a lot of leaves to rake
but the pines and cyprus will keep the forest green.

My back was hurting today so I took it easy
and spent most of the day reading.


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