Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 51 - New Deck -Walk In The Woods

One of the first thing I saw this Morning when I took Morgan for a walk...

was this tree trunk steaming away in the sunlight.
There is a lot of mist in the forest from the rain evaporating.

The forest canopy is still covered with lots of leaves.

But there are open spaces that let light and warmth through.
Looks warm out but it is cold.

I love the crisp light and shadows cast by the sunlight.

Sometimes the light is filtered through mist caught in the trees.

I love old fences.
This fence needs to be replaced before it falls down.
Next year?

Well, look what I found when I got back up to the house.
The workers are starting to install the railings.
There is still deck and stairs to build
and other stuff to do.

I didn't cut the pumpkins today
but I did draw and cut out chicken stencils.
And I took photos.
Tomorrow there will be chicken pumpkin photos posted.

The chickens got carrot peels and grapes for treat.


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