Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Deck - Day 42 - Gutters

Lots of work on the gutters today:
cutting, painting, and fitting.
I think there will be more gutter work for a while.

This part of the deck is coming along nicely.
I don't think the deck will meet the front door until the gutters are finished.
Besides the gutters there are all the downspouts
and the duct work under the deck to lay.
There will be stairs and a gate here.

I took this photo from inside the house yesterday
after the workers left.
The gray dumpster at the end of the deck is gone today.

Back stairs are in the works at the other end of the house.

Look closely and you can see a chicken covering up half a pumpkin.
Scruffy looking hens.
Molting must be a bummer!

The Buff didn't make it.
The one part of having chickens that I hate.

I watered the myrtle.
Amazing how the myrtle lasts through drought.
There are years when I never watered it and it still thrived.

I think the chickens will be very happy when the deck is finished
and they can have free run of the property again.
I know I will.

0 eggs



Josie Moretti said...

Quite a lot of work indeed! How's your deck and gutters now? I admire that you personally look on the renovation to ensure nothing is done in a substandard fashion. Just make sure to regularly check you gutters for possible gunk that could cause clogs. Good day! :)

Josie Moretti

Roscoe Dansby said...

Hi, Callie! It's been a year since you worked on your deck and gutters. How is it going now? You should provide both proper cleaning and maintenance for them last for long. Likewise, giving them the proper care will maintain the aesthetic value of your home exterior.

Roscoe Dansby @ Gutter Helmet

Chantay said...

I have to agree with Josie since it's much better to overlook the construction of your gutters personally and ensure its quality. Not only do gunk causes clogs, they also deter the quality of your gutter that in time will weaken. Professionals could also aid you in keeping your gutters in top shape.

Chantay Smithingell @ Muth Roofing