Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yay! I Found The Knobs

This morning started off with the loud brrrrrrrrrrrrrr of chain saws. Davey Tree was out clearing branches away from the electric lines and making sure everyone was awake. Well, 7:20 was ok since the alarm was set for 7:30 for Kristine and I to get ourselves ready to get our hair cut. Nice being able to see again... my hair was getting way too long, but I didn't take a razor blade to it like I did last time. I really don't like to make the hair cutter lady upset... "What did you do to your hair!" Didn't hear that this visit.

Can you spot the Buff with a bustle? Kristine says that big Buff has a bustle and pantaloons. She is the
hen that survived the fox attack... our house hen. I think the reason she escaped the fox was because
 he missed the chicken and got a mouth full of feathers.

The chickens had a surprise this morning when I gave them lettuce, then some grapes and finally an apple. Wow!

The lettuce was planned but the grapes were tossed on the porch because they were covered with ants. We haven't had ants for years, but this morning black ants showed up for a few hours and then went away again. Strange.

The hens are so funny chasing the apple, picking it up and running with it and then dropping it and the fun starts starts all over again. I wish I could post a video of the chickens playing apple soccer on the porch. Blogger in draft won't post my videos. I know I could switch back and try the old editor... I'll give it a try this Winter.

Knobb update: I went on a hunt today and looked in every place I could have possibly put the knobs (at least twice) and finally found them where I had put them safely tucked away in a corner behind the computer monitor in an empty chocolate tin. I'm so mean to myself. Why couldn't I have left them in the drawer?

Of course the knobs were in the last place I looked. Why do I say that! I don't expect to keep searching for something after I find it. Well... I was very glad I found them.

Putting three knobs on some drawers shouldn't be such a big deal and a royal pain, but as usual things always seem to take me a while to do.

Here are the steps I went through to put on the knobs.

1st I used a piece of paper to cover the drawer front, folded it to
size and then folded the paper to find the middle. I really don't like to measure that much. Folding paper is much less stressful and much easier and faster. Well... it is for me.

2nd I used
a punch and hammer
to mark the center of the drawer.

3rd I used a drill bit the size of the knob bolt to drill a hole from the front of the drawer.

4th I measured how far I needed to drill with the larger drill bit to allow the head of the bolt to fit inside the hole on the inside so it could reach the knob. And then marked the depth with tape on the drill bit so I wouldn't drill too deep. Been there, done that.

Longer bolts
would have made things easier,
but I didn't have longer bolts.
I'm always trying
to make things work
with what I have.

The three drawers are on the right end of the island. And now they have knobs! Now all I have to do is have the oven checked out by an electrician so I can use it!

The island looks much better with the brown wood painted over and with cupboard doors.


The chickens still zip out of the coop
in the morning as if
something is chasing them.
I was working on the island
last year.
(September 16, 2009

[2 eggs today]




lisa said...

That is beautiful, Callie! I have a friend that cuts my hair now and it is so nice to be able to go and have lunch with her at the same time and just visit!

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Callie ~ The kitchen looks good , glad you found the knobs. I find things and hide them from myself too , it's so aggravating.

I bet the chickens thought it was a holiday , receiving all those goodies(LOL).

~ Feather Blessings ~

Marie Anne said...

Love that big island - lucky you!
My kids go nuts when I throw fruit and vegetables or scraps out to them. The neighbors have a peach tree so I take those that fall on the ground and toss one or two over the fence. What a treat!

Porch Days said...

Callie, I cut my hair all the time and only occasionally go to the beauty shop. Of course, with raised eyebrows, they ask if I cut my hair and I have to confess!

Putting on those knobs was pretty complicated! I also tuck away things in "logical" places and can't find them. Like my iPod when we moved in here. My SIL found it after I had checked all the usual places like my underwear drawer and jewelry box and makeup drawer.

Anonymous said...

I agree it is so much fun to watch those chickens run around with their little bits of fruit. You kitchen looks great! It must feel good to see all the progress.