Friday, September 17, 2010

Vintage Apron and Hen in the Myrtle

What is that Australorp in the myrtle thinking? 

The Wyandotte on the porch is contemplating what"

The Australorp stayed in the myrtle for a minute or two while the Wyandotte watched. The chickens don't eat the myrtle. Maybe there are bugs under the leaves and the Australorp has claimed the spot? Is being in the myrtle a good thing or exile?  She thinks she is hiding? Is the Wyandotte making her stay there?

Do chickens have some kind of plan or do they just drift through their chicken lives and find themselves in situations. I do wonder at times just what is going on in their little chicken minds.

I got this little apron from my mother-in-law when she was downsizing and getting rid of things. I thought it was a sweet little thing and didn't want it to go off to Goodwill and saved it for myself. I didn't realize it was hand woven until I got it home.

There is a label in the waist band that says,
"Hand Woven by Joanne Price"

I googled for information and couldn't find anything under, "Hand Woven by Joanne Price," The closest I got was a lady in Canada whose husband gave her a loom (I think it was some time in the '40's) but it would be a real stretch to think that was the same lady. It seems more likely that Joanne was a friend of my mil or she made aprons and sold them.

The material is very soft I would guess from age but the colors are still bright and cheerful. I hung the little apron with my three long chicken aprons. It looks cute there and I'm glad it came to live here.

I've set the pumpkin up
in the holder already.
(September 17, 2009)

[2 eggs]



Anonymous said...

That is such a beautiful apron! You are way to philosophical for me this late--I'm guessing they make small plans of good places to eat and hope they don't find themselves in a situation before arriving.


Babli said...

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment.
I liked your blog very much. I appreciate for your wonderful post. Apron looks very beautiful.

Marie Anne said...

I love old aprons. I wish I had kept some of my mother's or grandmother's. I don't think I ever saw Nana without one unless she was on her way to church. Funny thing is, she didn't cook or bake much, so I don't know why she thought she'd get her dress dirty.

Gail said...

I love Australorps. They are the gentlest fowl and the best layers I have ever had.

Kent Island Red said...

I wonder if the girls are thinking "can we get an apron like that in our size?" Seriously tho Callie, thanks for becoming my latest follower :-) Tell Morgan that a red-headed lady in Maryland says hello!

Verde Farm said...

Great Apron, glad you saved it too ;)
I wonder the same thing about my chickens. I like to think they have their own little world with rules and discussions and leader...come to think of it, they do :)
Amy at Verde Farm

Forest Wife said...

Oh I do enjoy looking at your blog. Thanks for taking a peak at mine and sharing comments. I couldn't believe it when I saw your post this morning... An apron!! (and maybe from Canada?! - as am I)
I have an apron in my head that I am planning - one that has pockets for EVERYTHING and one that keeps my clothes clean as I go about fromt the chicken house, garden, pig pen and then back into the house once again. Enjoy your little special apron!
I also love your picture of the chickens on the deck - My son found a mat that said "Close the door before the chickens come in." But the silly boy didn't buy it for me and I have been looking for one every since and can't find oen.... Drat!
Have a wonderful day!
Forest Wife (Karry Ann)

Canyon Girl said...

Whatever your chickens may think, I'm sure they do know they have a wonderful life at your house. And, yes, the apron is adorable.

Anonymous said...

I love the apron and what a gem. Hand crafts; sewing, weaving, knitting, etc. are such beautiful skills and I love the finished product. Nice story.

Tanya said...

Ohh. That apron looks like a treasure! Can you use it as a decoration? The white will stain if you cook in it!!