Saturday, September 04, 2010

Chicken Knocking At The Door

I was in the back room sorting through piles of old Christmas cards, letters, keepsakes, thank you and hi cards, business cards, piles of fabric, and lots of other stuff that was in the boxes.

Why do I keep all this stuff? It is so hard to throw away a loving message in a card or letter, sweet drawings the children made for me, a card from a dear friend, etc. I didn't come from a family that read cards and letters and then threw them in the trash. So, I guess I will blame all this stuff on them.

...and then I hear tap, tap, tap,... tap, tap,

so, I hurry up to the front of the house and what do I find.
Yep, Morgan and the big Buff house hen.
(I had to hurry back for the camera but they were still waiting)

The big Buff is the chicken who spent several weeks in the house recovering from a fox attack and decided she liked living in the house just fine.

I thought someone was tapping on the window. Someone was... a chicken who wanted a treat and Morgan has learned that when the chickens get treats she gets to come in the house and get a treat too.

I gave in and chopped up some cabbage for the chickens and gave Morgan some kibble. I just can't believe how well they have me trained.

I went back to work and managed to only keep a hand full of cards and things. Then, Kristine helped me move the large table out of the sewing room. My plan was to set up a smaller table to use as a cutting table and she was supposed to give me an old desk she is using for me to use to hold the sewing machine.

It is a small room and at least with the smaller table there is enough room for me to walk all the way around it which will make it very nice when I am cutting fabric with the rotary cutter.

Well, that's the plan. For now the sewing machine is on the floor. The small table is a drafting table that I can set at level and is ok for cutting fabric, but not strong enough to hold the sewing machine. Kristine said she needs to get some thing to hold the stuff that is in the desk drawers. There is always more stuff.

I'll post another photo when I get this sewing area set up to where I can actually use it, but I already like it better with the long table out of here.

Peek at the Past
One barrel is now full of empty egg cartons
and the other one is full of
straw in the chicken coop.
And I am way behind
on raking paths this year.

[4 eggs today]



Gail said...

I, too, am way behind this year. I think the heat sapped us all of our normal energy.

A knocking chicken beats what I am hearing now...dozens of roosters, my sister no longer has the farmer's heart to thin and dress!

My sister puts all her cards in a scrapbook. It is nice to go back and look.

Kent Island Red said...

Loved the picture - and got a good laugh, too, when you said "can't believe how well they have me trained." Believe me, I know the feeling all too well! Have a Labor Day Weekend.

Anonymous said...

Those animals are wonderful human trainers! I have to say, when my grandparents passed away, my dad gave me a big box of cards and letters that she had kept. I find them to be great family treasures. Some are from my great uncles when he was serving in WWII. You might be surprised how those cards would be treasured in another forty years.


lisa said...

Our animals sure have us trained, just like the kids did ;) Love the room, it seems like you can never have enough room!

Verde Farm said...

I love this post! You are well trained for sure. We have a muscovy duck that knocks on our back door too but none of our chickens yet. Thanks for sharing!
Amy at Verde Farm

John Gray said...

hens are bright little buggers arn't they....?

there is always one that "shines" above the rest....... and they peck a little place in your heart dont they?



LindaG said...

Haha. Love that chicken. And Morgan, too!
I am terrible at sewing, but I will be so happy to have room to set it up at the farmhouse after we move. :)
Hope you're having a great weekend!

*Hugs* ♥

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love the chicken knocking on the door--Do you think Morgan put the her up to it? ;-))

I'm like you too by the way, I can't throw anything away and have boxes of cards and letters--Just like my Mom who did the same thing.

Tanya said...

Yep, they've got you trained well! I think my cats have me trained too.

Leigh said...

LOL. How quickly they learn!