Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chicken Food? Lizards

Kristine came home from work came in and got my camera and went back out to get this photo. She saw this lizard on the porch as she walked by where the chickens usually hang out by the slider.

I guess the lizard felt safe enough to come out and sit in the shade because the chickens and Morgan have been locked up.

I'm sure the chickens would eat this little guy if they could catch him. I rarely see a lizard around here. The last time I saw some was after we got to the middle of a pile of logs we were stacking. The lizards were good and safe from the chickens living under a pile of cut wood.

I have read about chickens catching and eating mice, snakes, and lizards. Something is keeping the small critter and bug population under control around here. I should be seeing mice droppings in the shed around the feed barrels and in the chicken coop and pen. But, no, I don't find any.

Maybe the owls, fox and coyotes are feeding on mice or maybe the chickens are catching and eating mice? I even read somewhere about someone who had some chickens that ate termites. That would be pretty neat. I bet some people would like to find chickens that would eat stink bugs.

Tom let Morgan out this morning, but she stayed on the back porch barking toward the fence line that borders forest. I let her back in the house. I guess the coyotes or something is still around.

Peek at the Past
That barrel has been there for a year.
Time for me to move it.
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(September 27, 2009)

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diane said...

I need some chickens to eat termites although the wild bush turkey is doing a fairly good job.He looks a big lizard.

Kent Island Red said...

Hi Callie,
I have no doubt that your girls would devour the lizard if they could get to it. On more than one occasion I've seen my own chickens with frog legs hanging out of their beaks and the rest of the girls chasing after her! Pretty disgusting, actually.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

That's a pretty lizzard Callie--I had no idea that chickens liked to feast on such a thing. I guess you know we are bombarded with stinkbugs--It's unfortunate that they have no preditors. If chickens were, trust me, they'd have plenty of them to eat!

LindaG said...

That's good to know about chickens. Stay safe!

lisa said...

That is a pretty cool looking lizard! I love your kitchen hanger! I hope to redo my kitchen someday! Just wish it wasn't in the middle of the house with no windows in it!

Anonymous said...

Cute little lizard! I've seen my chickens fighting over mice. I've seen my ducks and peafowl all with mice.