Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Floor In the Shed

Well, it is a new floor of sorts. Really, the new floor is made up of old deck planking that I have cut to fit as though it was all some great big puzzle.

I'm not nailing the planks down... just cutting them to fit tightly and making sure they lay fairly level.

Level? Well, there is a plywood floor under the planks that is falling apart in a few places and not level in others.

Tomorrow, I only have four or five more cuts to make and then I can start putting the things I want to keep back in the shed. I had to put the feed barrels back in the shed before I locked it up for the night.

I don't expect the plywood and whatever it is resting on to last much longer, but it is still too well hooked together for me to pull out. So, I'll just wait until it falls apart and then I can pick up the planks, pull out the plywood and ?, and then put in something to put the planks back on. Well, that's the plan. Who knows, maybe the floor will last as long as the shed?

The only thing I didn't take out of the shed was that large box of nails. I'm afraid if I move the box the old cardboard will fall apart and there will be nails all over.

Morgan is checking out the area of the shed where the smell is coming from. Something died under there or there is some horribly smelly critter living under the floor?

I'm going to have to nail some boards up on the outside of the back of the shed where some small critters have made some holes, or maybe the holes were made by falling branches?

I let the Buff Brahma hen out of the pen because she isn't broody anymore. So neat! I'm so glad I found out the trick of breaking the broody hens from sitting. Locking the hen out in the pen where she can't get to the nest boxes but has lots of food and water seems to give her time to reset her hormones.

Peek at the Past
(September 11, 2009)

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Anonymous said...

I must say that your floor looks lovely. You have certainly done a lot of work on the shed. And you have some smelly dead critter to thank for all of it!


diane said...

I need a handy person like you around to fix things.

Verde Farm said...

I'm impressed. I can't even imagine putting down a floor but now I wish I could. Kudos to you, it looks great!
Amy at Verde Farm

lisa said...

Like I have always said, Callie, you are one handy person! That floor is great!

Gail said...

Come stay with me a few weeks, I can use the help.

Great job.

LindaG said...

You sure are good at your work. :)

And thanks for the tip about broody hens. I assume that a broody hen is one that thinks she has chicks, but doesn't? I've never been really sure on that.