Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Day To Stack Wood

Today was my day to move wood and stuff around. First step was to put on my boots. 

In the photo you can see the tops of the plastic bags sticking out at the top of the boot.

I always put on two pairs of socks then put my foot in a large plastic bag and then put on the boot.

The plastic bags make it very easy to take the boots off. I'm too old to wrestle with getting boots off and the plastic bags solve the problem. They do make for sweaty feet, but if you put lotion on your feet you get your feet moisturized.

There are two piles of wood that have been drying in the sun all summer and are ready to be put in the wood shed before they get rained on... not good.

I made a start on this cut wood and stacked some next to the house ready for use when we run out of wood in the wheel barrow or when it is very cold and it's night time.

I also moved and stacked a lot of cut lumber and some metal fence poles. 

Tomorrow I'll stack wood in the wood shed. At least I hope I will if I'm not too tired out from today's fun.

I slacked off and didn't lock
the broody Buff Brahma hen out in the pen tonight.
I did push her out of the nest
so she would go get something
to eat and drink.
Tomorrow, I'll lock her out tomorrow.
Sigh, goofy hen.

Kristine has more fishy adventures to report.

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[3 eggs today]



Foothills Poultry said...

This is odd. Stacking wood is all I did all day today. I helped dad move enough wood for the winter into the wood shed. This wood was split 2-4 years ago, stacked, and covered. It is definately ready for the stove. My lower back is killing me from all the bending.


Jennifer said...

Good idea with the plastic bags :)

diane said...

You have some neat ideas. The boot removal is one. I'm glad i don't have to worry about moving wood, it sounds like hard work. You are clever puting that message in the Leave Comment box.

lisa said...

I can't live without my muck boots! We have lots of wood yet to be cut and stacked so you are way ahead of us!

Anonymous said...

Wood is certainly a hot heat. There's nothing like it during a blizzard! I kind of miss burning.


LindaG said...

Do you buy your boots a size larger to make up for the extra socks and such? Just curious. :)

Kent Island Red said...

Morgan's smiling face always makes me so happy.

JoyceAnn said...

You've been very busy ...... guess it's that time of the year again. We need to get busy cutting and stacking wood too , but we're waiting for cooler weather. It's still in the 90's here , just to hot for handling wood.

~ Be Blessed ~