Wednesday, September 08, 2010

We Stacked Both The Wood Piles

This is a photo of Morgan saying hello to Hen Roo. Well, it is more than a hello, it is really more like, "Are you holding that chicken because you want to give it to me?"

I think that not too far under the surface Morgan would really like to do a little chicken hunting and would love for us to give her permission. Yep!

Tom and I stacked all the wood in the wood shed. No photo. Too tired. Tomorrow I'll take some pictures. Tom filled the wheel barrow and while he unloaded and stacked I filled the wagon and then unloaded and stacked while he filled the wheel barrow. I think I have that right.

We were almost finished and picking up the last loads when all of a sudden something moved on the log I picked up. So, naturally I screamed. Silly, I know, but I was startled. All it was was an alligator lizard, but the scream brought Kristine out of the house to find out what was the matter.

She was not feeling well and was trying to rest. Ha... I fixed that because I screamed a few more times because there must have been a lizard family living under the logs and they were showing up under my boots. Fast little guys. I was worried they might run up my leg. But they didn't. They ran off under the log splitter and in the woods. The chickens missed their chance at a lizard snack.

I didn't see this, but while I was bagging up kindling, Morgan found a kitten (eyes still closed,) (the woods around here are full of cats and kittens) and before Tom could get to it she gave it a few shakes. Tom and Kristine took the kitten to the vets and they had to have it put down because it had too much damage.

Not a pleasant end to the day.
Morgan's guard duty doesn't extend to kittens.
I'm sure I could teach her to leave them alone
if I trained her, but there are very seldom any cats
on the property that she can reach.
And I don't have any cats or kittens to work with.
No thanks. No cats.
We have had cats and they don't last very long
(unless they stay near the house,
Morgan didn't bother our cats)
because of the predators.
No house cats because of allergies.

  Peek at the Past
Broody Buff Brahma last year too.
The pigs are still doing guard duty.

[3 eggs today]



dirtyduck said...

"Are you holding that chicken because you want to give it to me?"

no! lol cute thats exactly what it looks like!

Gail said...

Sounds like a very successful day!

Chicken Boys said...

LOL I have six little kittens whose eyes just opened this week! They are so active already! We're afraid we're gonna step on them, and they race to the fridge every time it opens. Hope we can find homes for them. We already have four cats, and Mike says we are keeping the black one with the short, crooked tail. *sigh* We don't need any more animals, as much as I do love them.

Barbara said...

See, if you had just given Morgan the chicken, the cat may have lived! :) Poor Morgan - I'm sure the kitty looked like a lovely play toy.

I hate lizards and all things reptile. I don't think I'd make a good farm woman, yet I really would love to be on a farm!

Canyon Girl said...

You work so hard over there! I still have my wood in LA, but won't need it for another couple of months. I love cats, but can't have them outdoors here either, so no cats.--Inger

Anonymous said...

My dog is the "World's Best Dog" (unless he has a chicken in his mouth). What was I thinking with a lab--half bird dog.

Sounds like you deserve a rest after all that work.


Verde Farm said...

I know my Shep would have hoped for the same thing..."are you saying I can eat it?". Sorry to hear about the kitten.
Amy at Verde Farm