Friday, September 03, 2010

1940's Wedding Dress

Look what showed up... this old I. Magnin box from long ago in the '60's that has been packed away and I thought lost during one of the mudslides, moves, earthquake or other minor disasters when everything kept getting boxed up and stored.

There are things that got boxed in the '80's that I still haven't seen and don't even know if we still have. During one mudslide scare when there was fears that the house might be hit the neighbors came and boxed everything or put it in grocery bags.

When I came back the only thing that was left was the refrigerator. I never did get things put back together. Anyway, finding this box was a surprise.

Rather amazing that the dress has survived those mishaps let alone not being made into nests by mice.

This was my mother-in-laws wedding dress in the '40's and then mine in the '60's. I had to have it shortened because she is taller than I am and just a bit taken in at the waist.

Don't know if I could get in the dress today. Maybe, but I'm afraid to handle the material very much because it feels very fragile. That is the box the dress was in when my mil gave it to me. I'm surprised the box is still in one piece.

Kristine said she would take the dress to a cleaners and see what they would advise. I guess I will search around on the internet and see if I can find some good ideas for storing the dress. eHow has some good ideas that would be good for storing things.

Peek at the Past
My favorite tea cozy.
(September 3, 2009)

[6 eggs today]
The chickens are looking very fluffy and fat.
Wonder if that means they are going to start molting.
One of the Wyandotte hens has started.



JoyceAnn said...

Hi Callie ~ That's neat that you wore your MIL's dress , glad you found it. The dress is lovely.

~ Blessings ~

Jennifer said...

The dress is very pretty! I am so glad you were able to find it. Maybe a vintage clothes shop or dealer would have good advice for the best way to store it.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Callie!! A really crazy couple of weeks has put me really behind on my blog visits--I've missed yours Callie, and have so enjoyed reading your posts and catching up! Your "projects" have turned out so well, and I continue to love reading about your chickens (even when they pick on that poor Dark Brahma hen) and seeing all your lost treasures that are no olnger lost!! Do they play jacks anymore? I used too....
Cooler weather this morning in Virginia, "thank-you Hurricaine Earl!" Enjoy your weekend Callie!!

lisa said...

That is just too cool! That is a very pretty dress! Glad you found it!

Gail said...

What a beautiful dress! So glad you found it in good shape.

Knatolee said...

Wow! What a treasure to find!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful surprise! I'm so glad you found it and come up with a way to preserve it.


Verde Farm said...

The dress is beautiful. I would ask a well known cleaner --someone that has been in the business a long time. They are pretty good at telling you if they think it could damage the garmet. Good luck :)
Amy at Verde Farm

Lorilee said...

Wow, that is awesome that you wore a 1940's dress! It is beautiful.

Tanya said...

Not that is a treasure! I wonder who will wear it next...