Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wyandotte Dirt Nest And Job Almost Done

When I went out this afternoon to take a photo of the shed and the empty area (except for the roofing stuff,) there was a Wyandotte all snuggled down in a little nest in the dirt she had made for herself.

Of course, she hopped out when I walked by before I could get a photo.

The other Wyandotte that was sick yesterday died today and I had the unpleasant duty of digging a very deep hole for her.

Being responsible and caring for sick, dying and dead chickens is the part of having them that I could really do without.

I try very hard not to make pets of the hens, not to give them names and to treat them all the same. But it is still hard to deal with the death of a hen I raised from a chick.

The other chickens are all healthy and are going about their chicken business. The broody hen has stopped her broodyness and there are some chickens that are starting their molt.

I never did get to putting on any trim boards on the shed. Kristine made me promise to take the day off and rest after I finished moving the plywood. So I did.

Surprise... when I walked back from taking the photo of the shed the Wyandotte was back in her warm dirt nest in the last rays from the sun.

I think I am going to make some hot cocoa, get a good book and curl up in my nest and rest. And try and go to sleep. I was up all night last night. When I get too tired that's what happens. I either crash or I'm awake and can't sleep. I would like to sleep tonight.

And from now on I won't work so much and get too tired.
Yeah, right...

Peek at the Past
I haven't even started clearing branches
and paths this year.
I'm waiting for some rain.
(September 14, 2009)

[3 eggs today]



Mike said...

We had to bury a hen today too. It's not very fun

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

yes. a chicken, is a chicken, is a chicken.. but you do have favourites dont you?

Bloody Frida said...

I so undestand how hard it is to loose a chicken - many hugs to you my dear Callie

Chicken Boys said...

No, the death part is never any fun. Forget the impartiality. I have favorites, and tend to name quite often. I even have some that I handled frequently as chicks with the intention of them being friendly at adult hens and roosters. Sorry for your loss. Hope the book was a good one.

Jody Blue said...

That is hard. It's also hard to to not over do it.

LindaG said...

That's the part that I am sure will be hard for me to adjust to, too. Taking care of them and then having them die.

Hope you have a happier weekend. :)

Gail said...

Sweet dreams.

The farmer's life can be harsh.

I have a friend that just lost a truck load of chickens (their lively hood) when the humidity got so high. I can't imagine losing so many.

Porch Days said...

Don't you hate it when you get overtired and can't sleep. Take some time off. The chores will still be there!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of your hen. It's hard to lose anyone you spend that much time caring for. The other lady certainly seems to be enjoying her dust bath!


Tanya said...

I'm sorry your hen died... That's what is so hard about having animals... I don't think I could keep chickens and not make pets of them... Already I tell myself that with 6 cats and a dog I have to go through 7 grieving processes in my future. Just hate it.