Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chickens And Sawdust?

Today I worked on fixing the bottom door latch on the storage shed and adding wood around the inside of the door frame to make it harder for little critters to break and enter.

I'm sure that no matter what I do mice and ? will still be able to run around inside the shed, but I'm going to make it as hard for them to get in as I can. I'm not finished so no photos. I'm still trying to figure out how to close up the bottom area of the door entry where the plywood has rotted away.

I was going to post some photos of another apron I found but then I caught these guys on the porch again and I had to take some pictures.

I wasn't going to take anymore pictures of chickens on the porch for awhile, but these hens were just too funny.

I knew they wanted me to come out and give them a treat, but when I didn't rush right out and open the door and toss them some lettuce they started pecking around in the sawdust.


Even Morgan came over to see what they were doing and if there was anything for her. Sawdust?

Tom brought home lettuce for the goofy chickens so they got their treat when I finished taking pictures.

Earlier, I was going to finish up the kitchen island and put on the last three knobs...

but!?... I can't find the knobs!

My poor brain. This morning I emptied out the drawers and got them all lined up on the island counter, got the drill battery charged, and used a template to mark the centers of the drawers so I don't eyeball the knob position and have them crooked.

Then I went to get the knobs and I can't find them. Oh dear! I know I'm moving so much stuff around and going from one job to the next that I should be writing myself notes! This was the post I made on the last day I remember seeing the knobs. I checked back to see if there was a clue... no clue. Wherever the knobs are I'm sure they are somewhere that at the time I thought made sense. I'll go out and look through my tool drawers again tomorrow. Maybe the toolbox?

I hate it when I can't find stuff!

Peek at the Past
(September 15, 2009)
They're not going to put sides on the bridge until next year.
Hope there are no more jumpers.
(The island is done now except for the knobs! Look on the left sidebar under How to or DIY stuff and click on Island Diy for photos of the kitchen. I need to make a special post that shows the kitchen DIY from start to finish. If I can find the knobs!)

[3 eggs today]

Life on a Southern Farm
is having a nest box giveaway.
Nest Boxes
handmade by FarmMan
on their Southern Farm.
Stop by and check out her blog. I would love to win a nest box, but I would have to remodel the whole inside of our chicken coop to fit the box inside. Well, I don't really have to worry very much because I never win anything, so I'm safe, but there will be a lucky winner. Maybe you?



Verde Farm said...

I love your pictures of chickens on the porch. I love that black and white hen...what kind is it? Your little chicken smile at the end is awesome :) I've never seen that before.
Amy at Verde Farm

lisa said...

I hate it when I put something away so I don't lose it then go to get it and can't remember where I put it ;) FarmMans nest boxes are just fabulous! I bought one and they are very nice!

LindaG said...

Good luck finding them. :)

Anonymous said...

I temporarily misplace things all the time. I rarely lose them, but it sure is annoying until I remember where I put them. Hope you find them soon.