Thursday, September 09, 2010

Strung Up (Guest Post)

Mom's fine, I'm just filling in tonight. :)

Lonely looks a bit down today.  Perhaps the correct word would be "subdued". You can probably chalk this up to still missing her friend, but I suspect it has something to do with the cold weather front that has been sitting on us for several days. 

However, there is another possibility.

You see. ... There was a hanging. 
You can spot spectators leaving the event grounds towards the back of the picture.

Mr Bear hung for two days and two nights. His crime?
He was rather grimey.

He also wouldn't dry, thus the ear pins were applied without regrets. He held up well in to the torture of the washing machine, after being stripped of his ribbon bow-tie. Never screamed or cried, although there were several instances of him pressing his face pleadingly to the glass front of the washer.

Neither Mom nor I held any sympathy as he went round and round.

"Is this really a good idea?" I asked, wondering if his stitching was up for this.

Mom nodded,"The tag said this would be fine."

Later that day we strung him up before a maddened crowd (because the bear wasn't edible) of chickens, and possibly traumatized Lonely.

Thank you, Kristine!
He's sweet!
And dry!


Verde Farm said...

So cute!! Thanks for sharing.
Amy at Verde Farm

lisa said...

Poor Bear;) We are having chillier weather if you want to call the 60's chillier!

diane said...

I put mine in the dryer to dry they really get a buzz out of that. Actually Birthday Bear is having an outing on Sunday.

Leigh said...

I should read this post to my son before bath time! ;)

LindaG said...

You should have offered the chickens some cabbage. Bet they'd have forgotten about the bear. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hope the bear has come down from his hanging! Very cute.


mySavioReigns said...

Lol, great post!