Friday, September 10, 2010

Run Away Clutter

I wish the clutter would all run away!

In the top photo, down in the myrtle (that I watered last year) near the gate is a tire.

I chased that tire down the drive and finally gave up about where I took the photo.

I was rolling some old tires to the "going away" pile and only managed to lose control of this one.

Too bad there was no candid camera around because I'm sure a video of me trying to catch the tire would have made for a laugh.

I have been spending my time emptying and repairing the right side of the shed.

I only have heavy paint cans and roofing material to take out tomorrow and then I have a few more holes to patch in the back wall.

The bad smell is almost gone and I didn't find any dead critters, so whatever it was is under the floor. I am not planning on pulling up the floor. Please!

Then I will have to make some decisions on how to fix the floor and what I will use to finish the walls. Plywood? Scrap wood? Or leave them alone?

Yep. That is the stuff in the bottom photo that I'm taking out of the shed. Really, really heavy metal car repair stuff. No wonder the floor in the shed is coming apart.

And the deal is that the only things that go back in the shed are garden tools, things I am actually using or will use, and chicken feed and chicken stuff.

Most of the stuff in that pile is not going back in the shed. It will go to the dump or Goodwill. Or somewhere... just not here.

Kristine said she found a quilt store today!
She said she will take me shopping!

I haven't watered that myrtle this year.
It really hasn't been a hot Summer.
I'm still using the rack!
(September 10, 2009)

[4 eggs today]
The broody Wyandotte
has almost stopped her broody clucking.
Maybe I can let her out tomorrow?



Canyon Girl said...

I hope you will get some rest this weekend. Have a nice one, Inger

John Gray said...

you sound as busy as I do!!!!

what do you do to kick off your shoes and relax.....
tell me your ideal relaxation night!!!

Anonymous said...

I bet would have been a great video of you chasing the tire. It sure is hard work to clean up something like that, but it will feel great when it is all completed!


Gail said...

Good luck...we are still decluttering here At The Farm.

Kateri said...

It will feel so good after everything is decluttered and you are reorganized!