Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pajama Day Home Alone and Coyotes

Home Alone... every so often I treat myself to a Pajama Day. I stay in my pajamas all day, drink tea, and really don't do much except rest and read.

Our neighbor just called with a warning about two coyotes that were on another neighbor's property.

Of the two coyotes one was bigger and bolder than the other one and when they managed to chase off the smaller coyote the bigger one went after their dog. We worry about Morgan because she is much smaller than the dog the big coyote went after.

So... Kristine and I hurried outside with lettuce and treats to round up the chickens and get them inside their pen. Kristine finally was able to get Lonely in the coop. She was the last one in.

The chickens are locked up in their coop and pen and Morgan is in the house. I really hate this... not being able to let Morgan out or the chickens. But they both will have to stay confined for a week or more until we can be sure the coyotes have moved on.

Here is a link to some articles about California, Canada and US coyote attacks. Attacks are not that common, but I really don't want us to become part of the statistics.

Some of the coyotes are coydogs or coywolves because they do interbreed. There is a lot of information about coyotes online.

About four years ago I stared a coyote down. Fifteen to twenty seconds is a really long time when you are standing still facing a coyote who is standing still about thirty feet away and staring back at you. I didn't know if it was going to attack. It wasn't afraid. I have a feeling that if there had been two I would have been in trouble. I think I could have made it to the coop and got inside and shut the door, but it would have been a close thing.

Peek at the Past
(September 26, 2009)

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Anonymous said...

That sounds scary. I hear a lot of coyotes around here. Most are not coy dogs, so I don't worry too much. My Great Pyrenees is very loud!


Bill said...

Good grief, Callie! Now Coyotes... Wasn't it a bear or two some time ago? If I was you, I'd take my chooks and move the lot down to San Francisco into a nice unit overlooking the ocean. Of of course you'd need a balcony instead of a porch. I do hope you'll get rid of these uninvited visitors soon.

Carol@The Writers Porch said...

Good Morning Callie! I love that you had a PJ Day! I do that quite often if I feel pretty sure that no ones going to show up. We have our coyote problems too but so far the cows chase them off! The herd will work as a team and get after them because of the calves. Have a great week and keep your "babies" safe! XOXO

LindaG said...

I hope they move on soon. Stay safe.

diane said...

I'm glad you got Morgan and the girls to safety. Now a pyjama day sounds a good idea. It is good to see you have a rest.

Kent Island Red said...

Coyotes - Yikes! You're doing the smart thing by keeping Morgan and the girls out of harm's way. Your pajama day sounds heavenly! I wish I could have done the same thing since it's a rainy Monday here in Maryland. Nothing I would have liked better than to go out and feed the animals, then come back in and settle into a good book with a pot of tea by my side. Enjoy :-)

John Gray said...

hm chasing coyotes in your pajamyas!!!!
I want a pair!

Leigh said...


Anonymous said...

I find coyotes a real menace. I lost a lovely cat this year and I'm still very sad. it's good that you knew they were coming.

Kateri said...

The pajama day sounds lovely. The coyotes, not so much!

Tanya said...

My mom has coyotes in her area and she is a fairly populated place. People have horses but even so, there are highways going through. Almost every summer when I am on a morning walk I'll come across a coyote wandering the neighborhood... Cats don't live long unless they are smart. I feel sorry for the coyotes too but I wish they'd go back to the hills.

Knatolee said...

We have lots of coyotes around here and I haven't had problems with them, so long as the chickens are locked up! We don't let them out to free-range unless we are with them. I ran into one on a walk on my farm, about 30 feet ahead of me, and it just kept on walking in the opposite direction. Our two dogs also saw two coyotes in our field one day and chased them off, but as soon as the dogs turned around, the coyotes started heading back. The dogs chased them off again!