Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Organic Chicken Feed Mash Picnic

I served the chickens their breakfast in several picnic plates placed around the pen in hopes that Lonely and the other hens low in the pecking order would be able to get something to eat.

Having a lot of different eating stations worked out much better for fifteen chickens instead of having them all trying to eat out of one bowl. And I added more water to the pellets until the mixture clumped up and held together.

The Buff Brahma is giving me the eye that means get away from my food. She would scurry away if I got too close with the camera.

Lonely the Dark Brahma (above,) the two Buff Brahmas and Curly the Cochin are on the bottom of the pecking order. They aren't even allowed to sleep on a roost and have to sleep on the ground. I know this because this is where they were when I counted the chickens tonight.

Kristine and I spent the evening watching two more of the Jeeves and Wooster DVD's. I love the shows. Sure do wish there were more of them. I wonder if Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry would ever consider making any more?

Today was what I call a pajama morning which means it was cold enough that I wore my pajamas under my jeans and sweatshirt. I used to have winter underwear, but never bothered to replace it and find that my pajamas serve the same purpose. Beside the pajamas are already warm. I hate that whole morning dressing business... going from being warm and toasty in bed to cold and goose bumpy putting on cold clothes.

We don't use the wood stove until we get a good rain and that is not going to happen for a while. In fact we are supposed to have something of a heat spell coming in a few days. It's just tonight that is in the 40's.

I had a quiet day and didn't work on any projects.

I did get the room painted
and the kitchen finished.
(September 22, 2009)

[2 eggs today]



LindaG said...

Really glad to hear that extra feed stations helped. I will need to remember that. Never thought about a pecking order...

Joycee said...

Well, I'm finally having a few quiet days here too! It's been a long summer getting the kids moved from Texas but they are here and settled into their own home, whew! Love your relaxes me to look at your brood and pretend they are mine...

Kent Island Red said...

Having a few plates around definitely avoids a lot of altercations among the girls. I do the same thing myself and it works out really well.

Anonymous said...

So glad the feed stations are helping for the chickens.


Jabacue said...

A real caste system with chickens! Go figure. Do they ever get accepted by the rest?