Thursday, September 23, 2010

Halloween In September

Since I have been sorting through lots of boxes and finding things that have been buried under other stuff, I found a box of Halloween decorations I haven't seen for a while.

Today I emptied Halloween boxes and scattered Halloween items around the house. This year I'm going to be ready for October!

I thought there was going to be a lot more stuff in the boxes than there was, but it turns out a lot of the space was taken up by packing material. 

There are four of these little scarecrow people put back to back which makes a total of two that I hang in the window. They are my favorite decorations and I leave them up for Halloween and Thanksgiving (two months.)

I gave the chickens organic pellet mash this morning and then opened the coop so the hens could leave the pen when they wanted to head out to the woods.

I checked the pen later and found Lonely all by herself in the pen eating up the mash that was left. Poor lonely. Even the other hens that are low in the pecking order aren't very nice to her.

Kristine and I spent the evening watching Jeeves and Wooster shows.

Peek at the Past
(September 23, 2009)

[2 eggs today]
The hens are molting



diane said...

You are really getting prepared early.

Amy said...

October is just next week! WOW this year is going by so quickly.

Toni aka irishlas said...

Hi Callie!
Boy, I'm just catching up on all your posts! I'm way behind on reading and commenting...

I do have a question for you - are the hens only eating the organic feed if you make it into a mash or have they started eating the pellets? I've pondered organic feed, but, it's twice the price. What I'm using is all natural and they seem to be pretty happy with that.

I put out my Halloween decorations early too, and most of them can be used straight through Thanksgiving. I love to decorate, but, my time of late is so sparce.

Hope you have a great weekend. Oh, and good luck with your new quilt project!

LindaG said...

I feel bad for Lonely, too.

Hope you all have a nice weekend!
Your scarecrow people make me think of Raggedy Ann and Andy. :)

Jabacue said...

Poor Lonely! Maybe her day is coming!

Verde Farm said...

Cute decorations! I feel soooo badly for my hens and roosters that are estranged from the rest. It breaks my heart. The chicken world can be so rough at times :) LOL

Anonymous said...

Poor Lonely! At least she got to eat. It certainly will look festive at your place!