Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Dog Day On The Stairs

Morgan spent the day half way
up the stairs. I think she is
cooler on the metal and
she can see out all the
windows from up there.
After all she is a watch dog.

The chickens are locked up.
No coyote sightings.
Hot quiet day.
I learned a lesson
about what type of container
not to use when feeding chickens.

The chickens never messed
with the  paper plates I used
to give them kitchen scraps,
but they tried to eat
the styrofoam picnic plate.
Goofy chickens.
My daily outside footwear is in the photo. I slip a plastic bag on each foot when I wear the muck boots to make them easy to remove. In the house I wear socks. Comfy and they shine up the floor.

My dog days
have been spent listening to old radio shows
and enjoying the classical music
that is played between the shows.

I came by my love of classical music at school.
In the '40's the schools used to play classical music over the speaker
into all the classrooms after lunch.
We would rest our heads on our desks and be quiet and listen.
Some days instead of music we would rest and
listen to our teacher read to the class.

This morning there was a terrible rotting fruit smell in the house that I finally tracked down to a innocent looking cantaloupe. It was just ripe not rotting. My father wouldn't allow cantaloupes in the house because he hated the smell. The chickens don't mind the smell they love cantaloupe. 

Kristine says the reason I have lost all my energy is because the weather is changing. Could be. I think it is a combination of me staying up late reading and the hot weather. I'm looking forward to some cold winter weather and getting back to doing stuff. 

It's not cold now.
It's in the 90's.
(September 30, 2009)

[3 eggs today]



Anonymous said...

Morgan is so cute up on her perch!


diane said...

Hot weather is draining. Interesting story of your school days.

LindaG said...

We're finally having some cooler weather. Now it needs to dry some, too.
Hope you both have a great weekend. :)

Jabacue said...

It's been humid here for the last 3 days as well. Not Nova Scotia weather in October at all! It is very draining on the ole bod.

Tanya said...

I love Morgan up on the stairs!