Sunday, September 05, 2010

Chicken Waterer Gets A Fix

The chickens manage to turn the top over most days, so I  attached the chain hanging next to the fence to a wire with a dog clip in hopes of keeping the top right side up. If the hens still manage to flip the top I'll try raising the lid up a few inches.

The lid is there to keep the chickens from roosting on the waterer and pooing in the water.

Screamer is the white Brahma and she is telling me off. I think she is the boss hen. At least she acts like she is in charge and she is telling me to buzz off.

The top does keep  a lot of the dust and sticks and stuff the hens scratch up out of the water.

But it still does get some dirt in it that I remove by turning the water all the way on and running the hose  in the waterer.

Here is a photo of how the waterer is hooked up to the water faucet. It is nice not having to carry water around.

Coop and pen cleaning time is coming up again. I'd like to wait until we have a rain to cut down on the amount of dust I'll raise when I start raking and shoveling all the chicken dirt. Well, waiting for the first good rain is my excuse for not working out there now.

The faucet is wrapped with foam and tape to protect the pipe from winter snow and ice. I'm going to have to remember to empty the waterer before the water freezes. I'm sure that water freezing is what cracked the old waterer.

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(September 5, 2009)

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Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Don't you just love these birds!? I just can't get enough of them. I have the 2 gallon waterer, and it does get old carrying it. I have to fill it twice a day. Your's looks really interesting!

LindaG said...

Looks great. And obviously your chickens like it too. :)

Porch Days said...

That waterer looks like a good solution. My Mr. B has a collection of old stoneware waterers & one has print that says it is a buttermilk feeder. Thanks for visiting Porch Days.

Anonymous said...

I need to find a solution like that for my dogs! Very interesting post.

Kent Island Red said...

Aren't they rascals? Seems like there's always one rebel in the group and in your case, sounds like it's Screamer. Enjoy your day!

lisa said...

That is just one of the many things we have to worry about this winter and that is how we are going to prevent the water from freezeing in the chicken house. We will have to get a heater that sits upside down so we can put the water on top to keep from freezeing.

Anonymous said...

My chickens would be jealous of how clean your water is. They are forced to share with the ducks, and ducks are not clean about their water no matter how hard we try.


Gail said...

Great water solution!

Necesssity is the mother of invention, someone said, and oh, were they right!

Verde Farm said...

Inventive and I love it. I wish I had a faucet near my waterers.
Amy at Verde Farm

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

That's quite a set up you have there Callie--I guess if you do anything wrong or not fast enough they let you know, don't they? :-)

Leigh said...

I am going to have to show this to my DH. I hear you about carrying water! Mine prefer the dog dish I keep in their yard and the goats' water bucket. None of them like the waterer in the coop!

I love your new blog look. It's so, chickeny!