Thursday, September 02, 2010

Hanging Stuff - Spice Rack, Cups And Pictures

Tom pulled the bad molly bolt out and I put another one in that worked. I got the hook attached to the wall and hung the spice rack using a length of sisal rope.

The bottom of the rack is resting on the top of the counter splash guard so there is really very little weight on the rope.

I had the bright idea to put up some cup hooks and hang the large cups off the bottom of the beam. And I changed out the Spring flower basket for the pumpkin front for the napkin holder and hung up the jello mold. The openings at the right end of the counter is where the phone and phone books spend their time.

My Dad framed the decorative tile and I finally decided to hang it in the hall next to the aprons. If I am in great need of a hot plate I can always whip the tile off the wall and put it to use.

This is a little kitchen with lots of stuff in it, but I have tried to just have things that we use all time time and I'm enjoying having things I like around me cheering me up... especially the apricot color on the inside of the cabinets.

I was going to put some knobs on the three kitchen drawers but I'm going to have to figure out how to route out some of the wood because the screws are too short or the drawer front is way too thick. I'll think about this problem tomorrow.

I found these two framed finished needlepoint projects of lovely flowers. Tom's Gr Grandmother Nan made these a long time ago. I sure wish she had written her name and dates on the backs of the pictures.

I'm having fun trying to figure out where to hang all the pictures I found. Hanging them up does make me feel a bit apprehensive because it seems that every time I get a house pretty much the way I like it and get the pictures hung... pow... we would have a mudslide or an earthquake or something would happen.

I really shouldn't worry because there is still lots that needs doing around here before every thing is fixed just so.

The 2009 Peek at the Past posted photos will enlarge when clicked on! The 2010 photos don't enlarge because I found out that if I post thumbnails it will take a lot longer, maybe a year or so, before I fill up my Picasa account and have to start paying or delete photos.

Peek at the Past
and the 2009 photos enlarge when you click on them
(September 2, 2009)


lisa said...

I love it! I wish my kitchen was as bright and cheery!

Melodie said...

You kitchen looks great! What a wonderful treasure you have in those old needle points!

Leigh said...

Can I come over and cook in your kitchen!?!?!?! I love it. Looks great.

LindaG said...

You have a great eye for design. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

That kitchen is awesome! I'm sure something still needs done because I don't want to cause a mudslide or anything. That is quite the treasure to have those needlepoint pictures.