Monday, May 10, 2010

Rain and Thai

Nothing much new to post about except that it rained all day with a little snow in the late afternoon and Tom and Kristine went to town for lunch and a movie.

I had a lazy day watching shows, keeping the wood stove filled and the house warm and cozy. It was hard staying awake because I really just wanted to crawl back in bed and sleep.

Kristine brought me back some Thai food to try and a menu to check over so I will have a good idea of what I will want to order when she takes me out for lunch. When she finishes her classes we plan to go to the quilt store and then out for lunch.

Morgan stayed in the loft all day sleeping (like I wanted to) and didn't come downstairs until Kristine got home. The chickens stayed in the coop out of the rain and I didn't mess with the broody hen so I imagine she was a happy camper in one of the nest boxes. 

I thought this video was interesting. It shows some people building a cob chicken coop. The first part until about 1:55 is two people talking then it shows the cob coop in progress. I think this could be fun if there was a lot of people involved. I would end up with a coop plus I would get to play in the mud.

This video of a coop being built is neat, but I don't really like the music. This coop would work in a backyard but not up here in the woods. Fun to watch. I turned the sound off.

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Mother's Day 

[ 4 eggs today]



dirtyduck said...

what was the thai food like? my husband says its spicy..? i cant believe it is snowing over there! its gtting pretty hot over here but REALLY windy!!like so windy i have to go get our stuff thats blown down the street and stuck on the fire hydrant windy...

Melodie said...

Wish you could send some of that rain down here,we are already almost 5 inches behind this year!

Jennifer said...

I've never tried thai food. Its REALLY windy and gloomy in Kentucky today... I just wanna sleep and somethings making me have a headache, finish cleaning then I'm goin to the couch :)

JoyceAnn said...

Sure wish it would rain here , we really need some. It is cloudy and chilly here today , so maybe we will get a shower.

Neat egg carton table , but it wouldn't last long around here.

~ Be Blessed ~

DayPhoto said...

Egads! I wish this winter would leave. We are having huge winds right now (35 mph) with snow suppose to come in tonight. Ugh.


Texan said...

We are holding our own on the rain so far ... though we are to a point now that we could use another rain!

I can't believe you are still getting snow! That is amazing!

I like Thai food :O)

John Gray said...

hope u are feeling more like your old self.....

ps i have a favourite follower bar now!!!