Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Earn it !

They lied! It is overcast and cold. It is in the 70's somewhere... just not here. I'm staying in and giving myself another day to let my back settle. Kristine is going to rest today too. Tom isn't up yet.

Update: I can't believe it... it's true... Kristine called me to the slider to see raindrops on the porch.
It's raining? Good grief! It is supposed to be hot today. 

(May 31, 2009)

[8 eggs today]



~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Callie,thanks for posting this. My husband and I both watched and and enjoyed it very much!
I hope your getting your rest and feeling better!! I'll try sending some sunshine & warmth in your direction, we continue to have plenty here in Virginia!

LindaG said...

Well, I hope you had a good day in spite of the rain. :)

Vicki Lane said...

A lovely series of Memorial Day posts!

Hope you are recovering!

Leigh said...

So glad to see these Memorial Day posts. Hope your doing well (and your chickens too.:)

The Cottage Garden Farmer said...

Hi Callie, hope you get some decent weather soon, it's the 1st June and cold and drizzly here in england today! I was reading how you have to keep BEARS out of your chicken pen, I moan about foxes, but at least I dont' have to worry about bears!Wow!

Lee said...

Hi Callie,
Since when did a few drops of moisture keep you down? You know you can't stay idle for more than a day or two. Good to hear from you. I've missed you!

John Gray said...

interesting post callie

Jody Blue said...

We could use some rain here. Hope your back is better.