Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Rain And Thunder

Chicken coop in the rain. Bear proof, but not beautiful. The chicken coop (read dog pen) was originally built by my brother to keep his doberman pinchers confined. It works equally well to keep the bears out.

I keep waiting for the white paint to fall off so I can stain the wood brown. I think I might as well go ahead and paint it all white this summer after it dries out. 

The wagon is butted up against the door as an added deterrent because I am freaked out about the fox and other predators getting in the coop. I need to add another lock to the bottom of the door.

Kristine just came home and surprised me with Jim Butcher's latest book. The 12th book in the Dresden series, Changes. I'm going to bed early tonight and read!

Click here to read chapters of Changes online. I have read all the other books in the series. We started buying the books when they were only in paperback.

She also came home with a loaner car. I am going to try very hard to calm down (about the insurance company of the guy who hit her) about how the insurance people are acting. Our insurance company is finally being a bit helpful. I know I have issues.

After the earthquake, the insurance company we had coverage with was extremely uncooperative. We finally got a check from them but the payee was made out wrong. They asked for the check back so they could issue anther one. That was the last I ever saw of the check. They stole our money that we needed to repair our house. Argh!!! Calm, I need calm. I still get angry when I think about what happened.

Kristine said that it would be a good idea for me to post a Rant post about my insurance company horror stories. But, no, I won't do that. I get too upset.

Well, back to everyday stuff. I'm sure I have mentioned this stuff before. 

I was going to shift the compost pile, but it keeps raining. I checked and it is a soggy mess. When it stops raining I will be sure to add a lot of straw. Or... I could wait until the leaves dry out. No, it may start rotting. Not good.

I took the photo of the porch because the rain was coming down so hard (not hail) and in such big drops it was bouncing and making a lot of noise. I was trying to catch the bouncing splashes.

There is more weather moving across the pacific. The question is whether it will hit higher up the coast (N. Calif, Oregon) or continue to make it across to our part of the country. Long time residents of this place think this may be  one of the years when we get snow in June. Maybe. Gee, June is almost here. And Spring?

(May 27, 2009)

[6 eggs today]



Bill said...

I am sorry to read about the trouble you had (or are having) with your insurance company. I think they are the same all over the world. My father once said to me that an insurance claim should always be handled by the salesman who sold you the insurance policy. Now wouldn't that be good. I hope you win.

diane said...

You sure do get a lot of rain. In bed with a book sounds like the best thing to do.

DayPhoto said...

The weather has been just something. I hope you don't get snow in June, but like you say...Tuesday is June and the odds are...


Tanya said...

We are heading into the rainy season. Not that we don't have enough rain as it is right now! When it rains it is a good time to sit back with a book and quilt! I've never heard of the Dresden series. I'll check it out.